Beginning in June, The Catholic Leader will switch to its summer schedule of publishing only once a month.

That will give both you and us more time to enjoy the summer with family and friends – and especially savor the great outdoors if you live, as we do, in an area that plays host to all four seasons. (Actually, it seems as if we will get no more than three seasons this year because Mother Nature pretty much skipped spring where we live.)

We don’t have firm dates for our June, July, August and September issues yet because we’re still working out what our calendar will look like through the summer as we host various family units (yes, grandchildren!) and organize our own travel schedule.

Resolve to let us surprise you, and when The Catholic Leader shows up in your emailbox, take a few minutes to enjoy it too.

Meanwhile, be sure to take time to enjoy life to its fullest – and to be thankful for the time God has given us.




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