Today's world is full of people with ever shorter attention spans trying to respond to an ever growing volume of messages.

We're expected to do more things with less help in less time — and all the while, be ever more responsive in an increasingly cluttered and complex communications environment.

Multi-tasking isn't a virtue, it's a basic expectation — even though a lot of research shows that the more things we try to accomplish at once, the less we get done. (Could that be the real explanation for why our lives get busier and busier? Who has time to find out?)

In any event, we plan to be responsive to the spirit of the age — its zeitgeist — by producing shorter but more frequent editions of The Catholic Leader. Our hope is to make the content of our newsletter more accessible by serving it up in smaller pieces. Rather than "park" issues to read at another time that never comes, our hope is that you'll be encouraged to open them on the spot and quickly skim the contents for information you find interesting and helpful.

A confession: shorter is easier. More frequent is not. Your prayers please.

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