Great news!

Here at the Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute we’ve put together an incredible Lenten webinar series to help inspire you as a missionary disciple in the church today.

Our focus is on obscure saints – lay saints – and saints-in-the-making who lived recent lives of exemplary engagement in service to the People of God. We’ll outline their lives, their contributions and their dispositions in a series of five free 30-minute Zoom webinars.

Our presenter is Dr. Lisa Bald, wife, mother, educator and active Catholic laywoman who will join host Dr. Owen Phelps to share inspiring stories of sinners like us whose lives of noteworthy service and love make them superb role models for the rest of us.

Together their lives give us the title for our webinar series: “Ordinary People, Everyday Saints.”

In so many respects their lives were like ours. They lived and served as “everyday saints” – humble lay people who didn’t seek any kind of distinction except to respond to the love of God and His call to serve one another.

We have organized their lives into five compelling presentations:

  • Thursday, March 10 – An overview: How do people become canonized saints? Why? What are the four stages of honor each saint eventually passes through? Why aren’t all saints – maybe the most important saints in your life – not canonized?
  • Thursday, March 17 – Three teens who made a difference in the last century.
  • Thursday, March 24 – Five young adults from different times and places who can help us stay on track.
  • Thursday, March 31 – Six married saints – men and women – who will inspire us to serve the world as wives and husbands.
  • Thursday, April 7 – Four scientists whose lives illustrate how science and religion can work together to improve the lot of humankind.

These short webinars are designed to be the Perfect Pick-Me-Up for people looking to be energized by fellow Catholics who were able to live, love and lead like Jesus in their own particular life circumstances.

If you’re looking for relevant role models, we think you are likely to find one – or more – in the saints we have chosen to feature in this free webinar series. Please join us for any or all of them.

One registration admits you to all five programs. If you can’t participate in the live presentations, register now and you can watch the webinars later at your convenience.

Register here for Ordinary People, Everyday Saints – and be inspired!

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