My oldest daughter, who is a partner in one of the Big Four accounting firms, recently gifted me with some wisdom that is very timely in this season of Thanksgiving.  

Did you know that research shows that employees who feel they are regularly recognized and appreciated by their leaders report 53% higher focus, 58% higher engagement, and 109% higher likelihood to stay with their organization?

Amazing what a little well-invested time can achieve for leaders.

Unfortunately, leaders typically focus their time and energy on what’s going wrong instead of on who is contributing to what’s going right.

The article my daughter sent from The Energy Project sagely noted:

When we talk about the concept of “value” in business, it rarely has much to do with valuing each other. We’re just not very fluent with the language of positive emotions in the workplace – or with expressing them. What makes that so ironic is that positive emotions – appreciation, caring, kindness, empathy – may be the single most powerful fuel there is for engagement, satisfaction, and performance.  

That’s a lesson for which we all can be grateful.

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