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Posted on November 30, 2015 in: General News

At our 1-day Encounters, where we introduce people to the Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus with a transformational experience of live presentations, videos, large and small group discussions and personal discovery exercises, we always give participants the last word.

The only report card we issue is a form that asks participants to evaluate how well we’ve done serving them. It’s often a pleasure and always a learning experience to review their ratings, and I know all of us Facilitators who present these programs gravitate to the participants’ comments to discover what we did well and how we can improve our service in the days ahead.

Last month we presented two Encounters – one of political, business and church leaders in Rockford, IL, and another to religious and lay leaders serving in Little Sisters of the Poor homes in Newark, DE, Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC. (A special treat was having lunch with sisters from Washington, who told us about Pope Francis’ surprise visit their home on Sept. 23. Yes, it was a complete surprise!)

We thought you might find a sampling of the participants’ comments interesting:

  • “Great program; will help my leadership.” Lay leader
  • “Learned many things useful both for my personal and work life.” Woman religious
  • “Looking forward to staying connected, remaining updated, spreading the word.” Priest
  • “Very clear and easy to understand.” Woman religious
  • “Wonderful program – reinforced my leadership plus boosted my faith." Lay leader
  • "I thought the program was wonderful and profited much from it, and look forward to going deeper in the workbook.” Woman religious
  • “A lifelong leadership program to follow till the end of time.” Lay leader
  • “Very helpful, positive program! Thank you!” Woman religious
  • “Small group interactions were effective; good mix of talk, videos, groups and breaks.” Lay leader

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