S³ Leadership Encounters

S³ Leadership Encounters are exciting opportunities to grow as a leader while integrating your faith and everyday life. These workshops have drawn praise from Catholic members and leaders around the world.

In an Encounter, participants are introduced to the S³ Leading Like Jesus approach with a compelling mix of dramatic videos, live presentations, reflection exercises and interactions with others who want to learn to Lead Like Jesus.

S³ Leadership Encounters are offered in two basic formats:

  • The 1-day Encounter covers the basics of Leading Like Jesus as servant, steward and shepherd — and how modern cases and research show that this approach really works in all kinds of settings, whether it’s home, work or in community organizations.
  • The 2-day Encounter covers the basics of Leading Like Jesus as servant, steward and shepherd too. And it explores more deeply how research confirms that Jesus' own approach is effective no matter whether your primary leadership context is family, work or a community-based organization. It also allows participants more time to explore the many dimensions of Jesus’ leadership teaching and example, to reflect on their own leadership opportunities and challenges, and to interact creatively with others who share the same interest in Leading Like Jesus.

Many Other Encounter Options

S3 Leadership

The above formats are not the only formats in which the S³ Leadership Encounter experience can be presented. We mention them first because they are the only ones that are practical when a facilitator from outside the area must be scheduled lead the Encounter.

However, when organizations arrange to have members of their own staffs obtain certification to facilitate Encounters, almost any format that’s convenient for participants can be adopted. Even a series of 1-hour meetings — perhaps over the lunch hour — can be used effectively to present the S³ Leadership Encounter experience. Find out more about Facilitator Training opportunities.

Keynotes and Other Brief Introductions

The Yeshua Institute can also present brief overviews of S³ Leadership in keynote and luncheon addresses, as well as seminars and workshops. Find out more about these opportunities.

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