S3 Leadership - The Book

Be an effective, Jesus-like leader at home, at work, in your community

Here's what others have said about S3 Leadership -- The Book

Matthew Kelly, dynamic speaker and best-selling author

"I have been waiting more than a decade for S3 Leadership. This is the approach to leadership that can help us as Catholics to build the future that God desires for the Church. Read it, then read it again, and then give a copy to every Catholic leader you know."

Patrick Lencioni, founder and president of The Table Group, Inc. and author of eight best-selling books

“This book is so full of wisdom and truth about leadership that it will have to be digested slowly. Phelps has provided us with something that is both simple and radical, and most important of all, essential to following Christ’s call for us.”

Matt Manion, President and CEO, Catholic Leadership Institute

“What a great contribution to world of leadership and the world of Catholics. Owen Phelps has done a great job integrating these two worlds and gives us a model of leadership in Jesus that every Catholic leader can understand and, more importantly, follow.”

Jason D. Christensen, former President & CEO, Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs

"Dr. Phelps does a masterful job by bringing into focus what should characterize our work, which is to be more Christ-like. He provides the perfect direction for achieving that...and offers ways to avoid the pitfalls that lead us away from being a Christ-like leader."

Fr. Matt Walsh, O.P. (ordained in 1958, missionary priest for over 50 years, since deceased)

"Where was this book when I was in the seminary?"

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