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A tale of two shirts

Posted on October 26, 2015 in: Articles

  I found myself at a junior tackle championship game this past Saturday because my granddaughter Anna, a second grader, wanted to see her friends play and compete for the league title. And yes, as it turned out, she also wanted to play with her girlfriends on the sidelines during the game. It’s safe to say she was not a rabid spectator. While watching the game from the vantage point of an elevated concrete slab in front of the concession stand, I noticed people wearing two very different shirts. Across the back of one shirt was the message: “We don’t lose. We win or we learn.” I liked...

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Keep rules in their place

Posted on October 21, 2015 in: Articles

  It was the spring of my sophomore year in college ... a long, long time ago. I was married and living off campus. We survived on about $35 a week, including $80 a month for rent and utilities. A dollar bought more back then, but things were still very tight. Then a letter arrived from my college. I needed to send a $100 deposit to hold my place in next year’s class. My wife and I didn’t know what to do. After a little thought and discussion we decided I would go see the head of the financial aid office. Because I lived off campus and qualified for a certain level of financial aid, when the new scho...

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Three questions lead to 20 habits

Posted on October 21, 2015 in: General News

  Chances are you’re familiar with the nine habits we endorse in S3 Leadership. Well now comes H3 Leadership – where Brad Lomenick comes up with three questions he says every leader ask to ask himself or herself, as well as 20 habits leaders need to cultivate. Although Lomenick’s approach is mostly secular, it’s amazing how similar his perspective is to our own Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus. See for yourself what he has to offer. READ MORE

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  Catholic News Service recently reported on the experience of Jesuit Father Hernan Paredes, who in the early 1980s had a roommate who “was ready to do our laundry, ready to cook for us ... ready to embrace us, cry with us.” If you guessed that his roommate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was also his superior and went on to become Pope Francis, go to the head of the class. “It’s servant leadership, doing things for others and helping others,” said Father Paredes, an Ecuadorean native now teaching at Loyola School in New York’s Upper East Side. “If he asked you to do it, ...

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Father David Beauvais, Dick Kunnert and Dr. Owen Phelps will facilitate a Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus Encounter workshop on Friday, Nov. 6, at Katie’s Cup, 502 7th Street, in Rockford, IL. The Encounter is the Yeshua Institute’s flagship program for teaching laity, religious and clergy how to be Jesus-Like S3 Leaders at home, at work, in their parishes and in their communities. The deadline to register is Oct. 30. “Everyone is a leader some of the time – at home, work, in all your relationships. So no matter what your stage of spiritual development, this biblically-based program wil...

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