In an interview with RSI, a Swiss radio-television network broadcasting in Italian, Pope Francis marked his recent 10th anniversary as pontiff by emphasizing that the church is inclusive and he criticized those who make others feel unwelcome.

Reporting for Catholic News Service, Carol Glatz  said the pope noted that every member is a sinner and yet “part of the holy, faithful people of God.”

When asked why some people feel excluded from the church, the pope said, "Sin is always there. There are men of the church, women of the church who create this distance."

The pope continued: "There is a bit of the vanity of the world, feeling more righteous than others, but it is not right. We are all sinners. At the hour of truth put your truth on the table and you will see that you are a sinner."

When Jesus asks that everyone be brought to his table, "it means that no one is excluded," the pope added.

"When the guests did not come to the feast, he said go into the main roads and invite to the banquet whomever you find: the sick, the good and the bad, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, everyone," he said.

"We must not forget this: the church is not a home for some, it is not selective," the pope said. "The holy, faithful people of God are this: everyone."

Commenting on a wide range of conflicts around the world, Pope Francis said: "Why this suffering? Wars hurt. There is no spirit of God. I don't believe in holy wars."

Glatz reported that when he was asked why he always asks people to pray for him, he said he believes everyone prays, but if they are not religious and don't pray then he asks they "send me good vibes.” This idea of sending "good vibes," he explained, "it is a pagan way of praying, but it is a loving way. And to love someone is a prayer."