Our 2018 promise to you

Posted on January 02, 2018 in: Articles

By Owen Phelps, Ph.D.

Director, Yeshua Institute

In this, our first edition of The Catholic Leader in 2018, we want to make a promise to you for the new year.

The promise is simple. But its impact on you could be profound. Our promise is this:

We will consistently provide you with superb reading and viewing about how to grow as an S3 Jesus-like Leader in this new year.

That promise reflects a change in the way people are absorbing information today. Had we made the promise only a few years ago, we would have promised you our consistent effort to provide you with good reading. End of story.

But today two things have changed:

  • There are a lot more video materials available to help you learn and grow as an effective leader that are either explicitly or implicitly consistent with leading like Jesus.
  • When it's time to learn and grow, many more people are turning to video resources for guidance than ever before.

So we’ll continue the trend we introduced in the past year of providing links to even more good video material about leadership – both on our websites and at other locations you can access in a single click.

We hope you’ll come back to visit us again and again in the new year.

And we hope you’ll recommend The Catholic Leader to your friends, colleagues and relatives. All they need to do to obtain their free subscription is to click here and register.