Soon after our fist visits to Uganda in 2011 and 2012 to teach priests in the Kampala Archdiocese how to be S3 Jesus-like Leaders, our Ugandan Ambassador was invited to teach seminarians there the same approach to leadership.

Before long, his efforts spread to all of Uganda’s seminaries. For the past several years, in addition to meeting in small groups at their seminaries to explore the implications of being Jesus-like Leaders, the Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute has sponsored two major annual events to assist seminarians in learning how to be effective parish leaders.

  • The Seminarian Fraternity Retreat (scheduled May 25-30), where we bring 150 to 200 men from all the seminaries in Uganda together to learn more about S3 Jesus-like Leadership and the challenge of serving as pastoral leaders after ordination. Says Transitional Deacon Emmanuel Opio, who will be ordained May 18: “The Seminarians in these annual retreats come from all different backgrounds to accomplish something very important to the Catholic Church. It is very important to us to get to know each other, and to grow in knowledge, love and commitment to the priestly vocation.”
  • The Seminarian Student Leaders Retreat (scheduled December 19-21), targeted to about 50 men who are fulfilling leadership positions in their respective seminaries. Javis Mugagga, our Ambassador in Uganda, and a team of priests take these men through our S3 Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus Encounter as a way to help them meet their current leadership responsibilities and to prepare them for parish leadership responsibilities after they are ordained.

The issue is that seminary curricula are so packed that these men don’t have an opportunity to learn how to become the leaders their church desperately needs.

But fortunately, they are hungry for leadership development opportunities – and with the help of generous donors, we have been able to underwrite the cost of these events.

This week we kick off our annual Seminarians’ Appeal, hoping that you will join the growing list of people who generously donate to this important church-building effort.

We’re pleased that with the cooperation of host facilities in Uganda, we have been able to hold the cost of scholarships to attend these events to just $20 per seminarian – meaning your gift of just $100 will provide scholarships to five seminarians. (Of course, any contribution is welcome, no matter how large or how small.)

If you can assist us with this leadership program for the next generation of Ugandan priests, please click here to make your donation. We are so grateful for any assistance you can provide, and will be sure to remember you and your generosity in our prayers.