With this issue of The Catholic Leader, we’re launching a new ministry that we hope will eventually include every reader of this e-newsletter, as well as many more people who encounter us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why? We want to pray for you.

In fact, we want to enlist a whole vast team of people who will pray for you.

And we’d love to benefit from your prayers too.

We address all these things with our new Yeshua Prayer Ministry – and we hope you’ll check it out right now.

Power of prayer

We certainly believe in the power of prayer. And we know that the history of the Yeshua Institute is nothing if not a collection of miracles.

Those many miracles give us a deep sense of the Lord working in and through us to serve and evangelize the world.

So we pray with confidence that the Lord hears our prayers and is moved by them.

You can never have too many

But when it comes to prayers, you can never have too many. So we’d like to organize a corps of people to pray for those things that matter to you, as well as the things that matter to us. And we’d like you to join us – asking us to pray for your petitions and offering to pray for others’ petitions.

Be assured, we will pray daily for the good things you request.

Just send us an email with your prayer intention. Then we’ll share it – without revealing your identity or your email address – with others in the ministry. 

Also, please know that we pray daily for everyone who visits this page – so we are praying for you already. But please write and share your special prayer requests whenever the Spirit moves you.