Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) is offering a free 7-part webinar series on Jesus-like leadership presented by Dr. Owen Phelps, author of The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus.

  • The webinar series, valued at $199, is being offered free to anyone who purchases the book and its companion workbook at this link.
  • Those who already have the book and workbook can register for free too by requesting access at

Positive impact

“How effective are you at making a positive impact on the people around you?” asks OSV in an announcement about the special offer.

“Discover the power of Christ's personal and practical example, and make a measurable difference in the lives of those around you -- at home, at work, in the community, or in your parish. Transform your leadership style in light of Jesus' compelling combination of servant, steward, shepherd,” it adds.

Webinar topics

The topics of the seminars include:

  • Webcast 1: Everyone is a Leader/Catholicism’s Two Leadership Challenges
  • Webcast 2: Who are We and What is our Purpose? The Leadership of Jesus
  • Webcast 3: Called to be a Servant Leader – and a Closer Look at the Heart
  • Webcast 4: When it Comes to Servant Leadership, the Head and Hands Matter Too
  • Webcast 5: Effective Leadership Relies on Good Habits
  • Webcast 6: Called to be a Steward and Shepherd
  • Webcast 7: Leadership Café -- a fully interactive session with Owen, so bring your questions and concerns to this session, where Owen’s only focus will be to help you resolve your doubts, fears and hunger for more specific guidance regarding how to be a Jesus-like Leader at home, at work, in your parishes, in your communities and in all your relationships.

“I’m really excited about taking advantage of this new way to reach people and help them learn how to be Jesus-like Leaders in all the roles they are asked to assume in life,” says Owen. “I hope both newcomers and experienced hands take advantage of this special offer.”