Learn how to manage – even master -- conflict in all of your relationships during a free webinar Monday, April 29, at 1 p.m. Central Time, provided by the Yeshua Institute.

Keith Borchers, founder and president of Evangelium Consulting Group, will share his knowledge and experience about how to use spirituality and trust to turn conflict into an asset instead of a liability in every relationship and organization -- from a friendship to a family, from a parish to a multinational corporation.

Stomach pains?

“For many people, just the mention of the word conflict can cause stomach pains,” Keith says. “But in order for an organization to accomplish its mission and achieve its vision, the members of that organization need to master conflict.

“Leadership teams, in particular, need to be able to engage in unfiltered ideological debate around ideas, issues, and decisions that must be made,” he adds.

Using stories and examples, Keith will discuss a variety of strategies for managing conflict rather than glossing over it or ignoring it.

Bring your questions

“Be sure to bring your questions as we dive into this contentious topic,” Keith says.

He is surely the person you should be asking about how to manage conflict.

For over 25 years prior to founding Evangelium, Keith led various efforts, teams, and volunteers in several Catholic dioceses, parishes, and apostolates.

After moving back home to California in 2005, he struck up a close friendship with Patrick Lencioni, organizational guru and cofounder of Amazing Parish, who eventually agreed to train him in his Organizational Health consulting method.

As they worked closely together in Catholic contexts, with Patrick's blessing Keith founded Evangelium Consulting Group in 2014 to serve the Catholic Church almost exclusively. Keith personally recruited, trained, and now supports each of Evangelium's consultants.

Natural leader, trainer and coach

Keith is a natural leader, exceptional trainer, and a bold yet empathetic coach. His colleagues and clients alike appreciate his wisdom and knack for cutting through confusion and complexity.

Keith holds degrees in business and psychology -- as well as a graduate degree in theology, catechesis, and Christian ministry. He lives in Walnut Creek, CA with his wife Gina and their eight kids.

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