There are four things you can do to build healthy relationships on the job – and to help yourself grow from being regarded as a taskmaster to being considered a genuine leader.

The difference? When dealing with taskmasters, we’re inclined to focus on and achieve minimums. With a leader, we tend to commit ourselves to doing our best.

Over the long haul that’s a huge difference – so large it could be the difference between success and failure, or profit and loss.

Joel Garfinkle, author of seven books, says the four key drivers in building healthy leader relationships are:

  • Enhance trust – it takes time but it’s worth it;
  • Build mutual respect – by consciously recognizing the accomplishments of others;
  • Foster engagement – by sharing your strategy and objectives with your reports; and
  • Increase team influence – by inviting members to contribute at every stage of process.

These efforts will require a little more time up front, but they can save a lot more time and trouble – and even avert failure – when the pressure is on and you and your team need to perform optimally.