After 35 years as a leader in business, mostly in the cable TV industry, Terry St. Marie has some sound advice to people taking on new leadership positions.

We can distill it down to just a handful of observations:

  • Even after a lot of formal education and careful observation, when you begin leading others you have a lot more to learn. So first and foremost, never lose your desire to keep learning.
  • Then learn how to make stress your friend.
  • Do a lot of “people learning” because no two people are alike and you’ll lose more sleep over people problems than anything else – and find mentors to help you.
  • A title doesn’t mean much unless you learn how to build and channel influence – and that’s all about building trust.
  • Failure is inevitable, so Learn how to fail – and how to learn from your failures.

We would add just one thing: Remember you are not alone -- turn to the Lord often, sharing your successes, failures and wonderments. He made you. He loves you. He wants you to thrive … and is eager to help you.