It’s not easy to be a consistently committed Jesus-like S3 Leader – a servant, steward and shepherd.

In fact, it’s impossible if we don’t work at it.

One way to stay on the path is for us to conduct little self-exams regarding our motivations, our perspectives and our behaviors.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your motivations. As you consider them, ask yourself if you are doing them rarely, once in a while, frequently or consistently. In each case, if you aren’t consistent yet, try to move in that direction.

If you conduct this self-exam on a regular basis, you can chart your progress over the long term.

1. I depend on the work of the Holy Spirit in my life and in my relationships.

2. I actively seek and encourage feedback on my leadership.

3. I share credit for the results of my group’s efforts.

4. My motive is achieving our mission rather than drawing attention to myself or enhancing my own personal reputation.

5. I avoided letting my ego negatively impact my leadership this past week (or month).

6. One area I would like to improve regarding my leadership motivation is (specify an area to focus on until you next checkup):