As the nation – indeed, the world – celebrates the 50th anniversary of a “small step for man, a giant leap for mankind,” Yeshua Facilitator David Coe shares the story of another kind of small step that turned out to be a great leap both for a single man and for many of his neighbors.

The story of John, is the story of a man who decided to let the Spirit lead him and found his life turned wonderfully upside down.

John was an ordinary middle class guy, happily employed and reasonably secure. But then one day he was reading a history of the early church and he felt uncomfortable that he wasn’t doing more to help others.

He decided that he should feed someone in dire need. But he had no idea how to find or connect to such a person. He decided to ask around at work.

What happened after that is hard to believe – but the source swears the story is true.

The story is a bit spare when it comes to details because, we’re told, John wants to remain anonymous. But his first small step turned out to be a giant leap for humanity.

We’re sharing it with you because we think it inspires and illustrates the point that all of us can make a difference in the lives of others – loving our neighbor as we heard in last Sunday’s Gospel account of the Good Samaritan – if we’re willing to start with a  small step and let the Spirit lead the way.


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