One of our friends and advocates, Father Mike Mendl, SDB, recently referred us to a concise article about three leadership styles:

  • Dictator;
  • Best friend; and,
  • Ghost.

The first two styles are self-explanatory. To learn more about the third, you’ll have to read the article – which we highly recommend.

The author quickly outlines the pros and cons of each leadership style, giving the reader a handy guide to navigate each of the styles.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these three styles of leadership don’t begin to cover the options a leader has in relating to his or her followers.

And thank God that’s the case!

As you may very well know, we recommend yet another approach: Leading Like Jesus as servant, steward and shepherd.

But as part of developing your overall understanding of how to be an effective leader, we think this brief article on three styles of leadership will be a big and quick help.

The Pros and Cons of Three Leadership Styles: Click here.

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