As part of its mission “to serve God by helping all members of Christ’s body to love and lead as Jesus loved and led,” the Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute offers people access to a wide variety of free webinars and videos on its website,

The site’s Video Gallery includes 44 videos accessible for no fee – most of them under five minutes long. Different titles are targeted to different audiences, including priests, lay ministers and parents, consistent with the Institute’s teaching that “all of us are leaders some of the time.”

The Institute’s webinars are also targeted to various audiences and include the titles listed below.  Click on any title to register to view that webinar.

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Attracting Young People to Greater Faith Development – Matt Johns, Director of Mission Integration Programs for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, talks about what can be done to reverse trends showing young people are moving away from their faith – with special emphasis on a summer camp experience for high school students mixing the Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus Encounter experience with opportunities for service projects.

O Come Divine Messiah: Advent Traditions to Prepare Your Family for Christmas – Two professional educators, catechists and parents, Dr. Lisa Bald and Erin McLevige, discuss ways parents can use the Advent season to help prepare their families for the real purpose of Christmas – celebrating the birth of our Savior.

You are the Face of the Church – Ken Ogorek, Director of Catechesis for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, offers 10 guidelines for how parish and diocesan lay ministers can and should represent their church in their professional and personal lives.

Strategies for Managing Conflict – Keith Borchers, Founder and President of Evangelium Consulting Group, offers insights about how conflict can be managed in ways that can actually contribute to organizational health and vitality. 

8-Part Series on Parish Leadership – Dr. Dan Ebener, author of 4 books and dozens of articles on leadership and a Fellow with the Yeshua Institute, draws from his newest book, Pastoral Leadership: Best Practices for Church Leaders, to help those involved in parish ministry further develop their leadership skills and contribute to building more dynamic parishes. Here are the individual topics in his webinar series:

            1. Introduction - A Call to Leadership in Your Parish

            2. Engaging Hearts and Minds in Your Parish

            3. How to Engage Parishioners in Your Parish

            4. Fostering Interactive Skills in Your Parish

            5. Leading Adaptive Change in Your Parish

            6. Leading Through Conflict

            7. Preparing for Success -- Strategic Pastoral Planning in Your Parish

            8. Nurturing Disciples and Apostles in Your Parish

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The following webinars are scheduled in October 2019. Register for them by clicking on the titles. And be sure to watch for new titles being added on a regular basis.