Hang 10: Crisis Leadership for Christians is the title of a 10-minute webcast that begins Monday, April 6. “We’ll keep it fast and focused,” promises Dr. Owen Phelps, Director of the Yeshua Institute and host of the webcast.

It will air daily, Monday through Friday, at 1 p.m. CDT (2 p.m. EDT, noon MDT and 11 a.m. PDT).

Here’s the link to register for the webcast. To join, everyone must register – but only once to participate in any or all 25 scheduled programs. “We just hope everyone shares the webcast link as widely as possible,” Dr. Phelps said.

“The webcasts will air through April. Then if we see we’re serving a purpose, we’ll consider continuing them. Things are moving too fast to do any longer-term planning,” he explained.

As Covid-19 turns all of our lives upside down, the webcasts permit people to take 10 minutes a day to explore how they can be better leaders in all their roles – spouse, parent, friend, co-worker, supervisor, pastor, minister, whatever.

Dr. Phelps brings more than 50 years of experience as husband, father, grandfather, uncle, business owner and leader, broadcaster, church minister and college professor to helping leaders cope and thrive.

“These programs are for everyone,” Phelps said. “Leadership is an influence process, and every time you try to influence another person, you’re trying to be a leader,” he explained. “The only question is what kind of leaders we will be, and at the Yeshua Institute we believe the best kind of leader is a Jesus-like S3 Leader – servant, steward and shepherd.

A unique challenge

Dr. Phelps said the Covid-19 crisis presents a special challenge because it is demanding so many contradictory things from people. “Some are dealing with layoffs, while others are struggling to increase staffing. Some are learning how to work at home or manage from home; others are in a frantic mix trying to maintain social distance,” he explained.

“While some are struggling to cope with isolation, others are challenged with how to handle a house full of rambunctious children. Record numbers are being laid off while some are putting in record hours. It’s just all over the board,” Dr. Phelps noted. “We plan to address the range of challenges facing people today. Of course, with just 10 minutes per episode we won’t try to cover all of them the first day,” he said.

Questions welcome

“That’s why we welcome questions,” Phelps added. “If people let us know what’s bothering them, we’ll try to help.” People can address their questions in advance to him by email at

The focus of the program will be practical, not devotional. “Our expertise is in crisis leadership, so we’ll stick to that,” he explained. “We’ll begin each webcast with a short prayer to acknowledge that we’re all on the same page as Christian leaders, but if you haven’t been in a church in ages, you’ll still feel right at home with our webcast. Please join us daily. And bring your questions.”