Writing in the American Express Open Forum, Katie Morell offers five leadership lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King:

  • Don’t underestimate low-level employees
  • Embrace fear
  • Encourage creative tension
  • Know the why
  • Involve everyone

For an explanation about what Dr. King meant by each of these, click here.

Entrepreneurs share time management tips

Recently five busy business owners who each own more than one business offered their personal time management tips. Among their suggestions:

  • limit meetings
  • set weekly goals and organize your time around achieving them
  • thoroughly train your top lieutenants
  • keep your to-do list close at hand
  • treat your personal time slots like they’re must-attend business meetings.

To find out more about these and other ideas, click here.

Ten minutes to understand motivation

If you can carve out about 10 minutes to watch an entertaining video (full disclosure 10:58), you can expand your understanding of motivation by leaps and bounds. The video reports on an MIT study that showed three things:

  1. What motivates people to do simple tasks does not motivate them to do even “rudimentary cognitive” work.
  2. With tasks that are not simple ones, higher incentives actually led to poorer performance.
  3. There are three things that motivate people to perform more complex tasks – none of which have anything to do with money.

Among other things, this research confirms the validity of our C4 Leadership Framework: that as we move from Compliance (C1) through Cooperation (C2) to Contribution (C3), performance is dramatically enhanced – and we can occasionally experience the singleness of purpose and extraordinary performance found only in Communion (C4).

Here’s the link:

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