By Owen Phelps, Ph.D.

Director, Yeshua Institute

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air – and the fresh hope that comes with an energizing vision – I’ve got a suggestion for you.

Get a copy of Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future by Pope Francis.

Spend some time with this thin, 144-page hardcover book and see if it doesn’t inspire you to get through these dark times and be better prepared to be a disciple when we come out the other side.

A confession: My copy just arrived yesterday so I haven’t read all of it. But I got a good start and then I skipped ahead to the end to see if the book concluded in the same encouraging – yet challenging – vein with which it had started. It did.

So now I’m more eager than ever to curl up in my favorite reading chair and spend a little time with the pope. Tomorrow morning can’t come soon enough.

Spoiler alert: The book ends with a poem, and the poem ends with this stanza:

            When the storm passes

            I ask you Lord, in shame

            That you return us better,

            as you once dreamed us.

Yeah, I think you’ll like it. Happy Advent!