By Dick Kunnert

Master Facilitator, Yeshua Board Member

After listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci for the third time of an evening, my son still asks: “Dad, when will the virus end?”

I tell him I am sorry but now that it is out of the bottle, we will live with it all our lives. The big issue becomes what is it we do to contain its impact? We are back to choices about how we want to live out our lives.

It struck me that it is the same with our spiritual lives. The big question there is: How much or how little do we want God in our lives?

After recently finishing a Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus Encounter, I was again reviewing my role as a Catholic Christian. Our Catechism tells me I am to sanctify the world around me. I’m wondering how well am I doing that?

Then I think about two realities in my life:

  • the presence of the Covid-19 virus in the world around me and the adaptations that demands of me; and,
  • the continuing demand on me to sanctify the world around me. 

So how do the physical and spiritual worlds of my life intertwine?

Intention matters

I am aware of random acts of kindness. They happen all the time – and thank God for that. But let’s change the paradigm. How can I make “sanctifying the world” part of my universe of intentions? How do I focus and have an impact?

I’ve given a lot of thought about how to respond to that call. Here’s where my heart, head and hands are today on my pilgrimage of faith  

I am going to sanctify the world around me by calling everyone I know and telling them I love them. If they are not home, I’m going to leave that message on their answering machine. That way they can hear my love message over and over again -- every day, if they choose.

Either that or I’m going to send out a blast email with the same love message.

Frankly, I don’t know what I will do day two, but I have faith that some idea will come to me.

Maybe I’ll bake cookies for the neighborhood. I know of a small 3-nun convent where the women religious did that for their neighborhood and the neighbors loved it. Perhaps more important, it started communication among neighbors. 

Shine a light

Right now negativity reigns everywhere, so we have to take peace, joy and forgiveness to every nook and cranny we can find! We need to intentionally make every encounter pleasant. Push for getting a smile whenever you can – even if you can’t see it behind a mask.

Life and living can be simplified if we try. I can choose joy over disdain any time I want. I can ask the Holy Spirit to help me with my campaign any time I want. And I better do that because I know I need help.

Anyway, humor me with my random thoughts, and please come Holy Spirit! I want to do my part to sanctify the world