One thing hasn't changed since the 1500s when St. Ignatius of Loyola impressed upon his young students the urgency of their mission. He said the world needs them because Christian witness was all too rare in the world. He wrote: "If you recognize this obligation and wish to employ yourselves in promoting God's honor, the times you are living in make it incumbent indeed on you to make your desires known by works."

Today we might say: "It's important that we walk our talk."

Things to think about:

  • If I wish my life to glorify God, I must make that desire known by works. What can I do in my situation with my gifts to glorify my Creator?
  • God has called me to share in His rule over all the earth. How can I do that so as to reflect favorably on my Creator?
  • What can I do to help set me and my neighbors free from the whirlwind of desires, empty fears and other passions that torment them and threaten to rule their lives?

 Adapted and used with permission from Take Five: On-the-Job Meditations with St. Ignatius by Mike Aquilina and Fr. Kris D. Stubna, Copyright © by Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.

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