If you’re looking for a thin, light-hearted, easy to digest but helpful book on leadership, you won’t go wrong picking up a copy of The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus: How to Get Big Things Done in Your Workshop All Year Long.

At just 94 pages, it’s not hard to pack or to plow through if you happen to be traveling over the holidays.

Purportedly written by Santa Claus, that is the nom de plume of Eric Harvey, David Cottrell and Al Lucis of Texas-based Walk the Talk Co. Using Santa’s voice, they briefly and clearly present several important leadership principles. Thus, you find chapters with titles like:

  • Build a Wonderful Workshop;
  • Choose Your Reindeer Wisely;
  • Make List and Check It Twice;
  • Share the Milk and Cookies.

If this approach appears to be too cute or too basic, be assured the principles are as sound as they are succinct. So, for example, under “Build a Wonderful Workshop” the authors urge some various serious things:


  • Make the Mission the Main Thing;
  • Focus on Your People as Well as Your Purpose; and,
  • Let Values be Your Guide.

If that sounds like a handy checklist, it’s not the only one offered in this book. You’ll find several throughout the book that will serve as quick references to help you lead better all through the year.

In fact, if you head up a leadership team, we think there’s a good chance you’ll order copies for others on your team to discuss together once the Christmas season rolls around again next year. And if you do that, we’re betting you and your team will have a growth-filled as well as a fun-filled time.

Merry Christmas!

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