We all celebrated Thanksgiving. Then many of us capped off our celebration by jumping into Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. That was followed by Small Business Saturday, where we were asked to combine our Christmas shopping chores with a special concern for the goods and services offered by small businesses.

After getting Sunday off – presumably to worship the Source of all our resources – we were greeted by Cyber Monday, when we’re encouraged to shop online.

Now comes Giving Tuesday, a day set aside to share our blessings with those who are working on our behalf to make this a better, more Jesus-like, world.

I always struggle with the notion that my modest donations are only tiny drops of water in a vast desert of need. But then I hear echoes of last Monday’s Gospel, where Jesus recognizes the significance of the poor widow’s “two small coins” (Luke 21:1-4). No gift is too small if it expresses the sentiment in our hearts.

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