We encountered a glitch last week when we announced release of a new video of tips for better homilies as part of our new “Four Minute Tune-up” series of videos.

Many of you saw two headlines announcing the release of ”Tips for Better Homilies” by Msgr. Mike Tierney. But clicking on either of them took you nowhere.

Our apologies. With our new Weekly Catholic Leader software, we’re still on the upside of the learning curve – and it has proven to be steeper than we anticipate. So here’s what we tried to tell you last week.

Msgr. Mike Tierney is a veteran pastor and professor who is supposed to be retired. But his bishop called him out of retirement recently to lead a parish whose pastor suddenly and unexpectedly retired -- and before that he was serving several parishes regularly as a visiting priest much in demand by priests and laity alike.

His short video is bound to help any priest, new or experienced, improve his homilies.

Earlier this month the Yeshua Institute launched the “Four Minute Tune-ups” series with a short video by Fr. David Beauvais, a veteran pastor and diocesan leader, outlining for parish priests the advantages of becoming involved in their larger civic communities.

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