Can you make today special? Here are just three suggestions:

Look for the good. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset or a funny comic strip or a conversation with an old friend, seek out happy moments.

Be grateful: for your loved ones and family and their love; for your faith; your home or apartment; warm showers; comfy attractive clothing; plentiful food; your job and your loved ones’ jobs; the weather, even if it is raining or snowing; your physical ability to do your work or the tasks at hand.

Give praise: for great service in a store or restaurant; to your loved ones for, of course, their love, but also for their talents, abilities, strengths, characteristics; to children, the elderly and infirm.

Life is bursting with joy, if only we know where to find it.

A joyful heart is life itself. (Sirach 30:22)

God, life is neither easy nor pleasant all the time. Still it is full of joy. Help me find and appreciate this hidden joy.

[Reprinted with permission from “Three Minutes a Day: Vol. 38,” published by The Christophers. ]

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