Resolution tip: Pick a habit, any habit

Posted on December 28, 2015 in: Articles

If you’re jotting down a list of New Year’s Resolutions – or have resolved to do it in the next few days – we’d like to suggest one to help you grow in 2016.

Decide to focus on one of the habits – just one – that we propose to Catholics who want to be better Jesus-like Leaders.

In The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus, we endorse nine habits:

  • Practice solitude
  • Pray daily
  • Read scripture often
  • Worship and receive the sacraments regularly
  • Explore the lives and reflections of saints and Christian scholars.
  • Consider sacramentals and devotions that flourish in the church
  • Accept and model unconditional love
  • Serve others
  • Build community

But when it comes to a New Year’s Resolution, we suggest that you pick just one of these and focus on doing a better job with it all through the year.

And we’re betting that if you show growth in one habit area, it will make more growth in other areas both more likely and easier.