If you are trying to lead like Jesus, you inevitably face the task of trying to love like Jesus. And the good news is -- when you do, you are not alone.

Indeed, you’ll find good company – and fine guidance -- with John and Therese Boucher’s new book, Mending Broken Relationships, Building Strong Ones: Eight Ways to Love as Jesus Loves Us.

Despite the long title and its mention of learning eight different ways to love as Jesus does, this is not a thick, complicated treatise. Instead, it is a short, easy-to-understand book with many down-to-earth stories to help illustrate what the authors have in mind. Consider it “a practical guide.”

Also consider it, as the authors write, an invitation “to build life-giving relationships that both imitate Christ’s life and connect others to Jesus.”

The eight ways they describe to love as Jesus loved are:

  • intercessory prayer,
  • respect,
  • forgiveness,
  • gratitude,
  • affirmation,
  • forbearance,
  • honesty and,
  • a healing presence.

Each gets its own brief chapter of about 15 pages – ideal to cover in one sitting. With eight chapters and a short conclusion, you might treat it like a novena about mending and building relationships.

Each chapter closes with some reflection questions and a short “Skills for” section that briefly outlines some practical steps you can take to grow in ways consistent with the chapter’s focus.

If you’re the least bit serious about improving your ability to live, love and lead like Jesus in 2016 – and especially during the upcoming season of Lent – this is a book you’ll want to get and read.

 Order you own copy today.

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