In the Yeshua Institute’s latest video, Jesus: Best Leadership Model and Teacher, Dr. Owen Phelps takes less than four minutes to outline why Jesus is the best leadership model and teacher of all time.

Owen notes that empirical evidence continues to pile up that self-serving leaders are not effective leaders over the long-term.

“When it becomes obvious that leaders are looking out only for their own interests, followers feel compelled to look out for themselves first too,” he says. “Of course, that means no one is looking out for the organization’s mission. So it’s no wonder that organizations flounder under self-serving leaders.”

In contrast, Jesus led as Servant, Steward and Shepherd – what the Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus calls “S3 Leadership.”

Owen briefly outlines what each of those three terms meant for Jesus as a leader and what they mean for us today as leaders at home, at work, in our communities, in our parishes and in all our relationships.



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