In the May 18 edition of The Catholic Leader, we discussed the importance of leaders being able to delegate – but also noted that not all tasks can or should be delegated. The story included a link to a matrix by Julie Winkle Giulioni outlining which tasks leaders should and should not delegate.

Today we share the thoughts of L. Rogers Owen, a Protestant minister and associate professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, who says there is something else a leader can’t delegate: managing an organization’s culture.

We’ve often spoken of leaders as “keepers of the vision.” For an organization’s vision to be more than a bald fantasy, it has to be embodied in the organization’s culture. And that process has to begin with the organization’s leader – in what he or she says and does.

Leaders have to walk the talk.

It’s a lesson that Pastor Owen had to learn the hard way. But fortunately, his teacher was gentle and the lesson has been lasting