Pope Francis is now dropping by for a brief daily visit, thanks to an old friend and S3 advocate, Salesian Father Michael Mendl, who provided us with a link to the new video service recently.

The pope is willing to drop by your laptop, tablet or phone too.

You just have to sign up for The Message of the Day – a free, professionally produced video that runs for one to two minutes daily. A link to that day’s short video arrives in your email each morning.

The content is created from the pope’s daily homilies at Santa Marta and other venues. The videos are produced in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The Message of the Day was created by Kyrios, Inc. based in Reston, VA.

Kyrios, Inc. is the creation of Father Edward J. Dougherty SJ, a Jesuit missionary priest and founder of the Seculo 21 television network in Valinhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil; and John S. Bolus, a U.S.-based telecommunications entrepreneur who collaborated with officials in Rome to create and distribute the important voice and messages of Pope Francis worldwide.

“Our mission is to reach the four corners of the earth with Pope Francis’ voice and video’s and give hope and inspiration to millions of people in today’s troubled world by reinforcing spiritual values in humanity,” the Kyrios’ website explains.

Although the service is free, it does encourage viewers to make a contribution to its ministry.

Get Pope Francis’ daily video in English

Get Pope Francis’ daily video in Spanish

Get Pope Francis’ daily video in Portuguese

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